Puppy Manners  4 to 9 months old

Puppy Manners 4 to 9 months old

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6 week course


This class is for older puppies, specializing in continueing education by applying such cues as focus, sit, down, stay, leave it, Heel, loose-leash walking and comeing when called in both a class atmosphier and on outings. Also with Discussions that are age-appropriate for issues concerning the adolescent and young adult dog. Teaching self-control in public areas is essential to a harmonious relationship between both parent and puppy.  

Leash-pulling, jumping on people when greeting and door dashing are an important component of this class. 

Minimum of four puppies per class, date may be adjusted due to minimum not being met.


Payment recieved and checks cleared prior to starting courses

$50 fee for NSF Returned Checks

$20 Cancellation Fee


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